update on burned-down house.

so i got a ride down to my boyfriend's ex-house. the place is wrecked. the siding melted, the windows blew out - practically the only thing that wasn't completely eaten up was the garage, somehow everything inside the garage is fine.

but clothes, band gear, game systems, a sound system, books, everything else - was just gone. including my boyfriend's laptop, which had all his art on it, and all his pens and pencils and his sketchbook, plus a custom guitar he was borrowing from someone else.

and the death count was not entirely accurate: one lizard made it out.
ironically, leanne was trying to get rid of the lizards. she even offered them to me, a couple weeks back - but my mom didn't want reptiles in the house. yeah so somehow Brindy was unscathed. though his friend Stryper was not so lucky.

and now there are three sad little boxes in the backyard - one bigger one and two smaller ones, covered with a loud pink and brown afghan. RIP Trinity, Sage, Nike, Strongbow, Stryper, and two other cats whose names i don't know.

(a picture of Trinity, taken on friday.)

leanne is completely devastated right now, the boys are pretty upset too, and when i saw him yesterday, it hadn't quite hit jeff yet. so again, KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS - pretty please?

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