thought of you

i thought of you today -
the way your eyes light up when you see me
the way your smile gets just that much bigger

i thought of how you hold my hand.
i love it when you do that.

and i love how you always listen whenever i'm upset
i love how you sneak up behind me to give me a hug
and my heart skips a beat or three
when you tell me i'm beautiful.

or when i fall asleep on your shoulder in the car
and you gently touch my cheek to wake me up.
i love that too.

i love it so much, that i would fall asleep on purpose if i could,
just so you would wake me up like that.

i even love little stupid things about you.
like your eyelashes.
honestly, who falls in love with eyelashes? i guess i do.
because i think yours are the most beautiful eyelashes i've ever seen.

i absolutely adore your shoulders. and your back.
and your hands. i really really love your hands.
i know, it's strange. but it's true.

you say i'm beautiful - would it sound odd to say i think you are too?

but i really really really love how much you care.
i love that you ask me how i'm doing
i love how you're always there when i need you
and that you get just that little bit jealous.

i even love that you cried
when i told you how much you hurt me.
because it tells me that you really didn't mean to,
and that you would never hurt me on purpose.

i love the way you hold me when i need a hug
i love the way you offer to fetch me a glass of water - even though i have two feet, i could do it
i love how we can talk about the strangest stuff.

hell, i just love you.

and i thought of you today - and now i miss you.

© Elizabeth Klassen 2010

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