laptop piano? no.

so i've been wondering how to follow up on my last post.
but this'll do...
... dad fixed my laptop!! woot!
my dear brother sat on it one day about a year ago and cracked the screen right across. i used it for a while after, cos the crack only impeded me a very little - but then the black area started to grow somehow. so it became a big problem. so i tucked the laptop away somewhere in the hope that i'd either manage to buy a new screen, or buy a new and better laptop.
but recently, i found a new screen for about 30 bucks, i think, including shipping, off ebay.
and today, dad put it on the laptop for me. so i'm pretty excited. the silly thing is as slow as you please, and the screen resolution is frustratingly small - but heck, at least it works, right?
and then i spent a bit of the evening trying to put a piano together - i put in a whole bunch of ... bridle straps? ... i think that's what they're called. anyway, i have long skinny fingers, so i can do fiddly bridle strap stuff really easily. so that's why i was helping.
and it'll be brilliant to finally have a piano again.
but i should head for bed, i'm yawning my face off. so goodnight, all.

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