yes, i do have political opinions, as a matter of fact. also other stuff.

so. um. life is not as busy as it used to be, when i had a job - but i AM looking for jobs, so it's not like i'm sitting on my butt all the time. had the one interview, applied for two more jobs, haven't heard back from the interview people yet. so i'm assuming they don't want me. oh well, that's life.

oh and got to see the olympic torch run through a nearby town on sunday, that was kind of cool - but i still think the whole thing is ridiculously hyped up, and i'm still not exactly a fan of the whole olympics in vancouver plan. they all said, "we'll make enough revenue to cover the expenses, it'll be a boost to the economy, we'll get a bunch of extra business... blah blah blah..."
heh. yeah. riiiiight.
they'll not make enough off it to cover HALF the expenses of the damn thing.
PLUS with the HST (which, by the way, stands for Highly Stupid Tax, or possibly Harmonized Shit - not quite sure yet) coming in in july, the economy around here will likely have itself a proper nose-dive, with a face-plant at the end of it.
as adelai niska would say, "yes, you have had, you say, good times! i see that!"
so yeah.

in other news, band practice is tomorrow (yay!) and apparently we're changing our name back from Ekliptika to Psalm 91. which i think is a good idea, cos in some ways, "ekliptika" never felt like the band's name to me. i'm having so much fun though, i've always dreamed of being in a band, and now here it is, just dropped in my lap, and i'm enjoying every minute of it.

anyways, i think that's it for now. toodles, all.

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