my white shoelaces
are coming untied
the sock i knit
is unravelling
all the holes in the world
are descending upon my creations
i defined myself
with words that have become blank spaces
in the dictionary

every turn of the earth
carries with it one more mess
one more tangle
to sort out
a knot in a thread
i stitched a patch on my heart
and watched it fray

this bandaid will not hold
does not stick any more
i carried you too long
to let you keep firing
your silver-plated bullets into me

prove to me
that the holes i see in your socks
will not keep wearing through
because i refuse to darn them

nor will i patch
the holes in the knees of your jeans
and the elbows of your sweaters

this is why
when i make things
i try to make them last
so that i don't have to mend them after
because the mending
takes longer
and hurts more

© Elizabeth Klassen 2011

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