day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

  1. i am addicted to music.
  2. i am also addicted to interesting writing implements. i own a couple of good old fashioned dipping pens, the kind that scratch abominably; and i also recently acquired an entertaining gel pen from Staples that "erases" - or, turns invisible after the addition of friction from the rubber end of the pen - without destroying the page as traditional erasing pens used to.
  3. if i had a million dollars, i would go to school and learn whatever the hell i wanted. and maybe purchase a vehicle of some nature; see next point.
  4. i harbour a secret fondness for crotch-rocket-type motorcycles. if i had the cash, i would get one.
  5. i also harbour a not-so-secret fondness for corsets. i wish i had the knowhow to make myself an amazingly perfect one that would fit just right.
  6. i enjoy dressing up as dark and as gothy as i can before going to church - or anywhere else, really. it makes me chuckle to myself.
  7. someday i want to learn the violin.
  8. i also want to learn welsh. and mandarin chinese. and maybe russian, too.
  9. my earliest memory is of my third birthday party, and of one of my birthday presents getting taken away. i got a barbie doll from someone, and my dad very strongly disagreed with the barbie image for whatever reason - so he took my birthday present away from me.
  10. when i was little, i wanted to be an astronaut when i grew up. i also wanted to be a gymnast and a writer.
  11. i still haven't decided what i want to be when i grow up.
  12. i want to find a LARPing group to join. that would be awesomely entertaining.
  13. i crack my knuckles. and my neck. and my back. and sometimes my toes. sometimes people don't like it when i do that.
  14. i kind of want to get involved in another play. i was in two in my last year of high school, and i enjoyed myself immensely, and i'm kind of wishing i could do that again right now.
  15. i love jesus.

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  1. #4: Not sure why it's called crotch-rocket. But that's awesome. I have a friend going for her motorcycle licence soon.
    #14: Adding this to my 43 things list. I was in a play in middle school, and drama in grade 9 and LOVED it. Then I got all shy and scared. I'd love to be in one again.