hot damn! FINALLY!

a couple of "finallies" - last week (was it only last week? good lord it feels like a year!) i finally got my N license - on the fourth try. not that i'm a bad driver, mind you. just that they have their checklist, and i wasn't shoulder-checking properly the previous three times. anyways. so i can drive myself places, if i have a car to do it in :)

and the other finally? the one i'm super duper excited about?
my friend and i finally found a place to live! I HAVE A KITCHEN OF MY OWN. hells yeahhhhhh! and some james barber cookbooks to use IN that kitchen. SO stoked. and my kitchen looks fan-freaking-tastic. the apartment is fantastic too - i have a teeny tiny private balcony off my room, as well as the main apartment balcony; we're on the second floor and have a great view; two bed, two bath, allows cats; in-suite laundry; and the price is right! we take possession on the first of february and man i just can't wait.

and oh yeah. monday night i start graveyards at timmy's. woot :P


  1. Woooo! I can come visit! And YOU can visit me too! :D