day 2- the meaning behind your blog name

this one's easy.

i have a friend who's ... well ... a little strange sometimes.

and he would continually misspell my name on a forum that we both spent time on.

[i admit, my spelling is a little unusual, but not so hard that a little memorization won't take care of it.]

i spell the short form of my name, "Lizzi".
and i was seeing "Lizzie" and "Lizzy" and other [wrong] variants.

so i made noises like i was offended, and told him he was spelling my name wrong.
so he apologised.
and then i felt bad for making him feel bad, and told him i really didn't care that much, and that he could spell my name however he wanted.

so he did.

he spelled it S-Q-U-E-L-C-H-B-A-K-E-R.

so technically, squelchbaker is pronounced "lizzi". i know, odd, right?

but the result was, that i kind of liked it for all its oddity, and it became my online alias - so if you go search "squelchbaker" on google, it'll all be me. i think my deviantart is under that name, as well as a few other things - my ravelry, etc.

"squelchbaker blogs" was the natural extension of my alias when applied to blogging.
so that's the story of squelchbaker.


also, just had to share - MOVING DAY IS TODAY.

and, i met someone that made me smile yesterday - i was thrift-shopping with my grandma for bedsheets for the move, and met an older lady [in her sixties? maybe?] who was manning the till at one of the thrift stores we went to. and the radio behind her was playing something along the lines of Metallica or something similar, i'm not entirely certain what it was. but either way, it wasn't the kind of sound i was expecting to hear.
so on the way out, i asked her, "who chooses the music?"
"whoever's behind the till," was the reply.
"and ... you chose that?"
"yeah, everyone else prefers Star FM, but i like The Hawk," she said.
and that bloody well made my day.

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