day 3- a picture of you as a child

well now. i don't have too many digital photos of myself as a child.
one of the only ones i have available was already posted by jay, in HER day 3 post.

see? i'm the one with the thick-haired bob on the right.
we should hang out again sometime, you and i, jay.

this was several years later, during my two years in scotland. i'm the gawky one with braces. my sister lakebythepond is in the canada shirt to the left, and my brother nathan is the brown one to the right. the other two are my scottish cousins. i seem to have a penchant for awkward haircuts.

and this one was shortly before the last one, before i got my hair cut. my brother is on the far left, that's me with the stripey scarf, and my dad is on the far right. it's kind of hard to tell what we're doing, but it was snowing and we were rejoicing and trying to catch the flakes on our tongues.

[blogged from the new apartment!!]

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