DVDs and GIR.

so i have discovered the delights of blank DVDs!

my camera takes bloody huge photos, so i'm always at my wit's end trying to make space for them. i used to put them on blank CDs - but there wasn't much room on them, so i'd have to use one CD for about a month's worth of photos, at least.
and then i went and bought DVDs. and good grief, what Stone Age was i living in? hah! i can put 9 months' worth of photos on one of those things, and STILL have room!
it's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, i tell you! GENIUS, i say!
so now i can take fifty times as many photos as i used to, and still have room for other stuff. i'm kind of pleased about that.

on another note, i got introduced to Invader ZIM on saturday - and i LOVE IT! hehe. GIR is my favourite. EVAR.

Zim: Okay, GIR, now which way is home?
GIR: It's this way... Or maybe that way. Oh, I don't know.
Zim: How can you not know? I just recharged your guidance chip.
GIR: Oh, I took it out.
Zim: Took what out?
GIR: The guidy...chippy...thingy.
Zim: Why would you do that?
GIR: To make room for the cupcake!

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  1. I wouldn't trust DVDs if I were you... especially if you're buying the cheaper ones.