phosphor bronze light

so this morning i was quietly sitting in my bed, minding my own business, when i hear this "twang" sound from somewhere in my room.

"oh no," i think to myself, "something's fallen on my guitar." (meaning my acoustic)

so i look over at my guitar, and nothing has moved anywhere in the vicinity of my guitar. no broken strings, nothing. so i investigate my closet, where i keep my classical guitar (which i never play anymore) and and i find that the D string has randomly snapped, without rhyme or reason. nothing was leaning on it, nothing fell on it. it just broke.

of course, it was bought in scotland six years ago, and we didn't put new strings on it then, so who knows how old those strings were. but anyhow. i figured it was time to buy new strings. i needed new ones for the acoustic anyways.

so i went on a shopping trip.

walked down to the rec centre and bought a sheet of bus tickets, and used one of those to bus across town to the music store. picked up a set of nylons and a set of phosphor bronze lights. then i figured 11.15 was close enough to lunchtime to warrant a stop at A&W. mmmm cholesterol.

so then i got home and de-strung both guitars entirely, and took a damp cloth to them. they're both old, and hadn't had their strings changed in a while, so they were GRIMY. they're cleaner now. yay!

and so i strung two guitars this afternoon. first time i've ever strung a guitar. i'm so proud of myself. and the acoustic sounds like a gazillion times better. srsly.

the classical's still trying to get used to the new strings, so it doesn't sound as amazing. but that's okay. once the strings stretch out a little, it should be fine.

i'm so happy about the acoustic though :)

hurrah for new strings!

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