so three posts in one day, that's got to be a record for me.

anyways, managed to stop in at leanne's this evening and acquire a copy of psalm 91's album Shelter - psalm 91 being the original name of Ekliptika.

however, leanne forgot to tell jeff that i was coming (even though it was only going to be a very short stop-in-grab-cd-and-leave type deal). so i come in the door, and come upstairs, and all i see is red sweater coming straight towards me. yes, i was attacked by a flying red ninja boyfriend. hehe. got picked right up and spun around. i think he missed me. :P

and then there's the song on the cd with the brit punks saying oi. makes me laugh EVERY TIME.

anyway. bedtime for me, work at 7.30 tomorrow.

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