this is for you. happy new years'.

i hurt for you. your pain makes me want to cry in sympathy. please don't ever hold back; i'm not afraid to see you angry and upset. i'm not afraid to see you yell or see you cry. i trust you, i believe that you will never hurt me on purpose. so don't hide your shit away in a jar in the top shelf of a dusty storage closet in the basement, bring it out and show me. tell me about it. give me all the gory details about it. because i want to help you, i want to comfort you, i want to watch you deal with your dusty old jar of crap the best you can. it's the least i can do, after showing you all mine. and never forget, i got your back. always.
i wish i could just take all your worries and fears away, but i'm not powerful enough. so i'll try to do what i can.
i won't force you to do something you don't want to do. i won't get mad if you've made other plans. you are worth my trust and respect, and i won't withhold either of them from you. i will always be here to listen. i will do my damnedest to never manipulate you. you are amazing and extraordinary, and i would have to be a million different kinds of stupid to hurt you on purpose.
and i'm on your side. always.

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