civilised? shoes?

so at work today i was in the fitting room again, and there was this guy with a pair of shoes. here's how the conversation went:

GUY: i found these shoes in my size and i want to buy this pair of shoes sometime. i probably shouldn't try them on, because i won't be buying them right away. is that the way to do it? because every couple of months i buy shoes. but i don't know if it's okay to try on shoes if you're not going to be buying them.

ME: it's okay to try on shoes, that's how you make sure they'll be comfortable for you.

GUY: are you sure? because i don't know if it's civilised to try on shoes. i just don't want to be uncivilised.

ME: everyone tries on shoes. it's okay.

GUY: oh, okay. i just hope it's not uncivilised...

and then he goes INTO the fitting room to try on SHOES. that's right. he doesn't use the handy benches at the ends of the shoe gondolas, he goes INTO the fitting room. and then comes out with them on, looking for a mirror, so i direct him back in there, cos that's where the mirrors are. LOL. good times.

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