happy dancing, happy dancing :)

wow. what a weekend.

watched 9 and District 9 on friday night, and fell asleep on the couch right after the nigerian dude's head got blown into bits all over the camera in District 9. my friends all laughed at me for sleeping right through the climax of the movie. 9 is an adorable movie, though - my favourite character was Seven, i loved her bird skull helmet and her mad fighting skills :)

also stayed awake til three thirty saturday morning cos of a kid having a night terror - we had to pin him down so he wouldn't hurt himself, and it took three of us to do it, even though he's what, 8? and pretty skinny. he actually almost ripped the bathroom door off, it was hanging off the top hinge. and he was totally asleep the entire time. it was ... pretty interesting. he finally woke up when he fell and hit his head on the bathroom tile.

so then saturday i sang at a rock concert thing for a friend's Sweet Sixteenth, i was back-up vocals for Ekliptika - it's the band my boyfriend's in, as lead guitarist. we had a fill-in drummer, Ken from She Says Electric, cos Ekliptika doesn't have one atm. anyways, it was pretty freaking fun, i thoroughly enjoyed myself once i loosened up enough and got myself some confidence lol. a friend of mine assumed i was actually in the band for reals, asked me some random question, and i'm all, "this is only the second time i've sung with these guys, and i'm not an official band member, so i don't know the answer to that," and he's all, "for srs? i thought you were in the band! you faked it really well!" and then someone else said me and Leanne (Ekliptika's lead singer/rhythm guitarist) sing well together. so yeah. it was fun.

and then had the surprise of my life when Leanne actually asked me if i wanted to be a for srs band member. i was all, "fuck yeah!!"

cos it's been one of my dreams to be in a rock band. so that was srsly EPIC. plus i love Ekliptika. so yeah. saturday was fucking amazing.
and i'm in a band now. XD

and then hung out with my jeff all day sunday. actually really spent the entire weekend hanging out with him. cos he and Leanne picked me up from my house friday afternoon, and i slept over at Leanne's both nights - where he rents a room. so i got to see him friday saturday and sunday, and sing in a band with him saturday night. not to mention joining said band. i mean, what could be better than that? so yeah this girl is a happy one right now.

and so signs out the newest member of Ekliptika! HELLS YEAH! ♥

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