it's been a while...

well. that was another fairly intense weekend.

friday night, i got picked up by my boyfriend to go out to his house for the evening, and on the way there was a phone call from leanne to pick up drinks. so we got a 4-pack of smirnoff triple black coolers, and another 4 of strongbows. the boyfriend and i had a just a cooler and a half each, didn't even touch the strongbow - and good gosh the two of us were both pissed drunk right away. heh. such lightweights as we are. i think i won't be having a cooler again for a while.
it's funny though, once i'm tolerably tipsy i tend to sit straight up with my hands in my lap, all proper, and i don't slouch so much. i wonder why.

and then saturday i felt miserable. i was properly hung-over, like anyone who got drunk on a friday night ought to have been, and it serves me right, too.
and then in the evening me and jeff and leanne and a large pack of small boys all went to see The Spy Next Door. it has jackie chan in it - and i think it's the only movie i've seen him in that has more character development for him than kung-fu. i liked it. it was funny and cute and had fighting in it. and russians with incomprehensible accents. and of course the russian lady's name was tatiana. very predictable. lol.

and then went to church on sunday morning. and in the afternoon, i was cameraman for my brother's Media Arts project for school - or rather, i was Institution Security and he was the patient. heh. he was being a madman. he didn't do too badly either.

oh yeah and apparently i talked in my sleep ALL NIGHT saturday night/sunday morning. i didn't even know i talked in my sleep at all. oh well, learn something new every day, right?

so yeah.

and in a week, jeff & i will have been going out for six months. :D i'm kind of happy about that. hehe

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