did you dry these in a rainforest? why? with the power of the death star, do we not have a tray that is fucking dry?

oh man. i shouldn't do that to myself.

was looking through my school yearbook - and had to stop and read all the signatures and such. and of course i was struck with all kinds of nostalgia (thanks adria for remembering the word for me :P ) .... even though i hated school so much while i was there, suddenly i wish i was back there hanging with all the people that i'd known for months and months. oh drat sentimentality and seeing the past through rose coloured lenses. bah.

i got such nice signatures though.

"you have an amazing heart and a creative soul, all the best" - J. W.

"going to miss your one-of-a-kind-ness!" - Albert the Janitor

"hey, i don't care i like the collar. was great having an intellectual such as yourself to converse with" - K. H.

"hey lizzi i love the collar you are such a unique and talented person don't change & have fun" -K .C.

"remember grade 10 science? i don't." - J. J.

"duck tape :)" - E. D.

"don't fail at life!" - K. H.

"lizzi. you have made my life so much better by never being afraid to be yourself. you have never failed to encourage me when i was in doubt. i love you and will miss your presence at school next year! ♥" - T. F.

now i miss 'em. i miss 'em all.

(and yes, i know the title has no relevance. get over yourself.)

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  1. albert's gone. now we have an indian(from-india-indian) woman who doesn't say much.