driving and dreams.

so i was thinking that i wanted to leave my photos up on the top post for a while, but then i thought you blog reading types might get bored with that. so here's another fun blog post. joy.
this evening i drove all the way from langley to abbotsford. and i didn't drive too badly either. i don't get much driving practice, so every little bit helps.
oh yeah and i had a strange dream last night. i had to bus to this ... school? thing? with a giant round main hall - think an airport entrance or the monsters inc lobby. so i get there, and i think i do some stuff, i don't remember what all, i didn't have time to write the dream down properly this morning.
but i do remember there was something the matter with the bathrooms. so i go to the bathroom - i start with the guys' bathroom, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong in there, and they kick me out anyways.
so i go to the girls' bathroom. i come in the door, and there's a wide corridor with a shallow ramp going up directly to my left, and that's where the toilets are, and then the right side is flat, and that's where the sinks are. and on the left, on the far wall, right over the ramp, is one of those short people who turn up in movies. i THINK it was Deep Roy (plays all the Oompa Loompas in the Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka). anyways, he was spidermanned up on the wall, peeing down on the floor of the ramp. someone almost got hit, actually, while i was watching. and i guess i left the bathroom shortly after that.
so the last bit is me bussing home, i was worried about SOMETHING - but i have not the faintest clue what it was. and i woke up just as i was gathering up all my four giant bags to get off the bus.
at 4.30 in the morning.
good times and good dreams, no?

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