So, I imaged a handful of computers yesterday, and I'm trying to finish off their setup this morning.

Of course the first one I try to get going doesn't
a) have the antivirus running on it
b) have the nfixes it's supposed to have.

The other fun bit is that there's network drives that are supposed to automagically map to drives on my admin account - but because there's some setting that's not set up for my account, that doesn't work. So I have to go and map the important drives by hand. Why hello, DOS command line. I missed you too.

And of course, the computer that does have the antivirus has out-of-date definitions. Or something.

Also, why do these updates take so flipping long? And why not just use Linux, really?

Well, I'm going to go watch computers update. It's like watching paint dry or grass grow.

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