Friday. Thank goodness.

Well, it's Friday. I can go home in twenty minutes, after the slowest eight hours of my life.
My supervisor has been at some kind of training for two days, so she wasn't in today, and my other co-worker stayed home sick, apparently he had some bad curry yesterday or something. So I've been sitting alone in the office all day without more than ten minutes' human interaction. I did have a phone call about a laptop (that I don't have the capability of fixing) and another about a printer (ditto) - but fortunately I was told that anything I couldn't do, I ought to refer to the IT guy at another location. So I did that. I did scan in some documents for someone, and sent some emails, so I wasn't entirely without duties...
When I get home, I think I might make some kind of paleo something-or-other and then take it with me to the young adults barbecue tonight. We'll see.

It's funny, cos I'm only out-of-my-mind bored because I haven't had anything to do. I could care less about human interaction; welcome to the world of introverts :)

Ah yes, and tomorrow, I believe, someone is having a Nerf-day party that I think I may attend. Replete with Nerf swords. Yes. I hope it stays sunny.

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