Finally finished: I Saw The Mountains Reappear, Fog-Kiss'd.

I started this Shakespearean sonnet in November 2011, and left it saved as a draft for quite a while. Thought I'd pull it out and finish it off. I almost declared it finished at ten lines after some effort this morning, and then realised that I needed another four! In my own opinion, it's not too bad for someone who doesn't usually write in form....

I saw the mountains reappear, fog-kiss'd,
As all your vast and undulating hills
Are ransomed by the rising sun from mist.
So let the dark eternal night that fills
The sky, and hosts the moon's alluring rest,
Now bid a fond farewell to waking Earth,
Who turns to warm herself at Sun's sweet breast
And slowly, in this dawn, a new rebirth;
Triumphal golden halos, touch of light,
Surrounding all with gentle flame anew,
Exalt the young and dewy Morning bright:
A princess, cloud-throned, in a sky of blue.
No longer let Earth rest in night enstarred,
Awaken all, and, with Earth, sleep discard.