So that went surprisingly well, I guess

Remember how I mentioned that my phone got left in the rain for several hours, and then was acting erratic yesterday?
Well, it continued to act erratic (although I suppose it was slightly better after the bowl of rice) - including the power/sleep button not working properly, and just other generally unusual and improper behaviours - most of yesterday evening and then all day today.

So then when I got home from work and it wouldn't charge, I got fed up and said, "Phone, I'm going to expose your guts now."
And that's what I did. I took my sonic screwdriver (because I'm cool like that), removed the back of the phone, and detached the circuit board from the front.
I wiped off the bits that looked like they might possibly still be damp, and put the whole lot back together.

Lo and behold, the power button works properly, somehow, but now the speaker isn't working - which means if my phone rings, I can't hear it. At all. Even though that was one thing that worked fine even after the rain incident.

What do I do but take it all apart again, cos clearly I didn't put it back together properly. Except I did put it back properly the first time; there was no reason for it not to be working. Put it all back a second time.

I turned it on. Now the speaker's not working and the power button's gone screwy again, same as before the surgery. Bah!
Take it apart for a third try, then put it back again.

Crossing my fingers, I turn it on for the third time.

Everything works. What the actual fuck. I changed exactly nothing between the first time I took it apart, and the third time I put it back together, and yet somehow, I broke it worse and then fixed it. Don't ask me.

At any rate, I have a working phone again, after three of what I might just call autopsies. Yay.

And that's my update. Toodles!

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